Goals Budget & Strategy

Single-use cups: choose to make a difference

Karen Lebeau | January 17th, 2018

“Just make sure your handprint (harmonious or regenerative impact) is bigger than your footprint (harmful or degenerative impact).“ Larry Santoyo…

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When it comes to developing good policies, we’re all in this together

Angie Natingor | December 19th, 2017

Policy. I know it’s not the sexiest topic. Case in point: a networking event. Someone asks, “What do you do?”…

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Could a coffin scare people away from drug use?

Tiffany Akins | December 6th, 2017

A Langley funeral home is using images of a coffin and funeral in a new overdose awareness campaign targeting youth….

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Overdose Crisis: Working Together

Patricia Daly | November 7th, 2017

What more can be done to tackle the alarming overdose statistics and address the public health needs of our communities?

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Why I took the “My VCH” Survey and why you should too

Roy Mundheim | September 28th, 2017

Have you taken the “My VCH” Survey that came out recently? Are you optimistic for the result of being heard…

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