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That awkward moment when you think you’re important to someone, and you’re not

Mike Nader | August 22nd, 2016

While looking for an inspirational goodbye quote, I stumbled upon this one and smiled… so I thought I’d title my…

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The bite of the mosquito

Paul Martiquet | August 16th, 2016

The beast arrives unannounced, landing on a welcome strip of flesh that offers a delicious buffet. It pierces the victim’s…

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Hemorrhoids – a pain in the …

Paul Martiquet | August 9th, 2016

We are often so hesitant to discuss certain topics that we avoid learning some important things. Take hemorrhoids, for instance…

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Kids in the summertime

Paul Martiquet | July 26th, 2016

When we think back to ‘the good old days’ of our own childhood summers, you know, when there was no…

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Pokemon Go. Away. Please.

Clay Adams | July 21st, 2016

So, once again, the world has gone crazy. Mass gatherings. Frenzied activity. Mayhem as people run, shout and point in…

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