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7 ways to write better tweets

| February 18th, 2015

Using Twitter might not be simple but there are proven ways to help your content resonate better with your audience….

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Everyday mentors

Cameron Brine | February 2nd, 2015

As far back as I can remember, sports have always been an important part of my life. Whether it was…

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Do you think we have a learning culture at VCH?

Gordon Fung | December 1st, 2014

Hi guys, I want to explore how a culture of learning at VCH could potentially support the development of a sustainable…

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Risky business

Patricia Daly | November 26th, 2014

Recently, I have been sitting in on sessions at the VCH Travel Clinic, where travellers to exotic locales receive expert…

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How positive are you at work?

Meme Chan | November 25th, 2014

As a clinical educator in the perioperative nursing program, I have the power to create a positive learning environment for…

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