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Towards good dental health

Paul Martiquet | September 20th, 2016

How are your teeth? For anyone answering in the positive, chances are you are following the steps to good dental…

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Getting back to school

Paul Martiquet | September 6th, 2016

Yes, here we are: a new school year! Like our children, we will have forgotten some of what we knew…

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Foot notes

Paul Martiquet | August 23rd, 2016

They are the foundation of your day whether for work, sport, chasing the kids, going up stairs and just about…

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The bite of the mosquito

Paul Martiquet | August 16th, 2016

The beast arrives unannounced, landing on a welcome strip of flesh that offers a delicious buffet. It pierces the victim’s…

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Hemorrhoids – a pain in the …

Paul Martiquet | August 9th, 2016

We are often so hesitant to discuss certain topics that we avoid learning some important things. Take hemorrhoids, for instance…

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