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If we don’t save the planet, where will we put our stuff?

Clay Adams | June 9th, 2016

As I write this, many are celebrating World Oceans Days. Hug an octopus, spin with a seal or float among…

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Please help me understand

Clay Adams | April 26th, 2016

What did John Lennon, Princess Diana, David Bowie and Prince have in common? Other than having their lives snuffed out…

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Helping people; changing lives

Clay Adams | April 8th, 2016

Time is precious. According to Statistics Canada, most of us will live for at least 80 years. Longer if you…

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Tips for writing a good blog

Clay Adams | March 9th, 2016

So have you ever wanted to write a really good blog? So have I. With that in mind, I thought…

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Next for the anti-vaxxers? Here’s TDAP!

Clay Adams | February 10th, 2016

We have a new puppy at home. Puppies are cute. Puppies play. They sleep in the most unusual places and…

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