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If your cheque is in the mail, would you know?

Clay Adams | November 26th, 2015

Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said: “The medium is the message.” Someone also once said: “Put it in writing…

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What’s in it for me? A pair of symphony tickets?

Clay Adams | November 12th, 2015

How often have you heard that? If, like me, you have a teenager at home then probably more frequently than…

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Democracy shouldn’t be this hard

Clay Adams | October 15th, 2015

For a fleeting moment last weekend, I single-handedly brought the Canadian democratic process to a grinding halt. It wasn’t something…

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Are you safe or are you stupid?

Clay Adams | October 9th, 2015

We’re a clumsy bunch. No. Let me rephrase that. We’re a stupid bunch. Truly. By “we” I mean us. People….

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No jab, no pay? What do you think?

Clay Adams | September 17th, 2015

Since my early days in tabloid journalism, one thing became obvious (other than that becoming a chain smoking, alcohol-laden ass…

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